Join us to build the largest care ecosystem in Africa


health care professionals


patient visits recorded each month


prescriptions recorded each month


patient records

Enhance care delivery and efficiency

Health systems

Reach more covered lives in your referral region with clinical data exchange, interoperability, and EHR acceleration.

Imaging centers

Serve existing customers and reach new ones with one simple connection.


Offer your customers convenient electronic ordering right from their EHR and deliver results directly to their patient's chart.

Insurance Claims

Get your insurance claims paid quickly


Doctorzii unique solutions that make healthcare better for everyone.


Gain insight and improve outcomes

Payer solutions

Reach your organization's goals for risk adjustment, accurate coding and coordinated care.

Promotional solutions

Deliver messaging throughout the provider workflow and during the patient visit.

Clinical data solutions

Provide interventions that are data-driven, measurable and proven to improve outcomes.

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